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Difference between Google Remarketing & Facebook Retargeting


In Online Industry, people have more often tossed terms like Remarketing and Retargeting . Let me put this way – It is a method for stalking your potential customers by following them throughout their online journey with marketing offers and advertisements. OK stalking may be a little harsh but have you ever noticed after visiting a website for the first time that promotions and offers from the visited website then always pop up on other websites or Facebook? Well that is the basis of Remarketing and Retargeting. It is a powerful tool for attracting new customers, increasing brand exposure, increasing conversion rates and targeting audiences.

Difference between the two?

Remarketing is a product offered through Google’s Ad display network and Retargeting is via Facebook’s news feed. Conceptually they are both similar products and based on your products and services you may choose either one or both.

Know how it work?

By adding a small snippet of code to your website it is possible to create segmented lists based on your different product and service offerings that visitors to your site are added to. By adding the visitors cookie id to a list it is then possible to display the relevant ads to them after they leave your website.

Which is best – In my opinion Google is the best to go for reason as Google has wider reach than Facebook. As Facebook only target people who are in your list & when they are on their Facebook account.

Get started.

If you would like to leverage these powerful tools for attracting new customers and increasing conversions.


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