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The Era of “MO” in SOLOMO


SOLOMO – For many years people have kept tossing this term. But are we ready for it. An answer to this question is little tricky. Therefore, I am presenting some facts which might surprise you.

  1. As per Google India – 50% website in India are not Mobile ready.
  2. 55% of Traffic coming from Mobile in India (which is highest in the world)
  3. Middle-Class society Income is growing – This has boosted the sale of Smartphone in India.

This 3 Fact emphasize on the topic “Mobile is future of Marketing”. Hence knowing or unknowingly we have entered the era of Mobile Marketing. So if you see we are at “MO” which stands for mobile in the term SOLOMO. Let me explain the term “SOLOMO”- Social Local & Mobile.

Now the first question which strikes my mind is “How to create good Mobile Site”.   Ask yourself what is the overall objective of the business for which you need to have the mobile site.

Types of Mobile Sites one can have-


Basically all 3 are web design for Mobile site but Google recommend” Responsive Web Design”. But they accept all 3 of them. In the below points have discussed the pros & cons for all 3 types.

 Responsive Web Design Pros & Cons

+ One Url, One Content, No redirect

– May not fit for all strategies

Dynamic Serving

+ Tailored Content for Users

– Content Forking Synchronization efforts

 Separate Mobile Site

+ Custom user experience

– High maintenance costs, redirects, content forking


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